Handy Hints & Tips

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* Trailers need to be structurally sound and solid, with some weight being exerted downward on the towball of the towing vehicle. The amount of weight required is dependant on the trailer's size and mass and teh towing vehicle's specifications. 

* Any trailer cannot be more than 2.5m overall in width on the road and 11m in length

* Trailers exceeding an ATM of 750kg are required to have brakes fitted, either mechanical; hydraulic override; or electric.

* Trailers exceeding and ATM of 2000kg are required to have brakes fitted on all wheels and a breakaway system

* New trailers require a VIN plate which can be obtained through us or the transport department. The following information must be stamped or engraved on it:-

a) The VIN number supplied by the transport authority

b) Date of Manufacture

c) Tare Weight of the trailer (unladen weight). A certificate can be obtained form a weigh bridge and must accompany the registration paper.

d) ATM (Tare weight PLUS the load capacity of the trailer). E.g. If the tare/unladen weight of the trailer is 300kg, you add the load you expect to carry in the trailer (e.g. 450kg) giving the ATM of 750kg

e) Tyre size, capacity and pressure.

f) Axle or suspension group capacity. This should always equal or exceed the ATM by a comfortable margin.