Hub Patterns & Bearings


When using 16” wheels on axles, you must be aware that the capacity of the axle is reduced by approximately 20%.

  1. Hubs to fit axles supplied come in many wheel stud patterns. The most common are:

Holden HT 5 Stud

Holden HQ (Commodore)  5 Stud

Ford  5 Stud

Land Cruiser  5 Stud AND 6 Stud

4 Stud Toyota or Datsun and Mini etc

  1. The bearing sets, either LM (Holden) or SL (Ford) must be in the hub set to fit the axle chosen.  Axles determine the bearing sizes, not the stud pattern.  Both bearing sets fit all the standard hubs as the outside diameter is the same for both.

Bearing Numbers:

LM (Holden) = LM 11949/10 Outer and LM 67048/10 Inner

SL (Ford)     = LM 12749/10 Outer and L 68149/10 Inner

  1. The seals likewise are also LM or SL.

Seal Numbers:

LM 28550 and SL 28600 for 39 Round or 40 Square Axles

Seal Numbers Marine:

LM PR6641 and SL  82120 for 45 Round or 45 Square Axles