Stud Patterns & Bearings


** When using 16” wheels on axles, you must be aware that the capacity of the axle is reduced by approximately 20%. **

1.  The most common stud patterns are:

5 Stud Holden HT (7/16 inch)

5 Stud Holden HQ (Commodore) (7/16 inch)

5 Stud Ford (1/2 inch)

5 Stud Land Cruiser (9/16 inch)

6 Stud Land Cruiser (1/2 inch)

4 Stud Toyota or Datsun and Mini (7/16 inch)

2.  Axles determine the bearing sizes, not the stud pattern. Below are the bearing details for the most common axle sizes. You can have any combination of Stud Pattern (above) with any bearing set (below). E.g. A Ford Stud Pattern Hub with Holden Bearings is very common.

39mm Round or 40mm Square Axles - "LM" or Holden Bearings

Outer Bearing = LM11949/10  

Inner Bearing = LM67048/10

Metal Seal = 28550

Rubber/Marine Seal = PR6641

45mm Round or Square Axles - "SL", Slimline or Ford Bearings

Outer Bearing = LM12749/10

Inner Bearing = L68149/10 

Metal Seal = 28600

Rubber Seal = 82120